The best tip we can share is to travel light! The only true essentials are a phone and your magic band. Obviously there will be a few more items on your packing list, but beyond what you would normally bring for yourself and/or family on vacation, there’s nothing special that you need for Disney World.
Note: If you have small children, of course you’ll need more stuff! The good news is that you’ll also have a stroller to help cart it around. We never kept anything valuable in our kid gear, which enabled us to park the stroller at various strategic locations and use it as a “portable locker.”
And of course, there are also lockers, if you want to use those for lunch, snacks, etc.

  • Carry your Magic Bands with you when you arrive – do not pack them so you can begin using them immediately.
  • Bring a good external battery to keep devices charged all day (using the Disney app plus taking photos and videos drains battery QUICKLY).
  • You don’t need a purse (unless you feel you do need a purse) and you also don’t need a wallet — you can charge everything on your MagicBand. You’ll link a credit card and create a PIN when you check in online. I generally only bring my MagicBand and phone once we are “on property.” If we need a few more items (like the essential external battery charger, or maybe ponchos) then one of us carries a light bag.
  • Resort guests can have any purchases delivered to their resort – so take advantage of that to lighten your load.
  • Bring casual shirts and shorts – the “dress code” at all restaurants is “theme park casual. ” This should include enough outfits to have a few changes available on especially hot and humid days.
  • Be prepared for weather conditions. Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential. Ponchos are smart given potential popup thundershowers. These can be purchased at Disney World, but are of course cheaper if you buy them ahead of time. Cooling towels are cool, and we’ve appreciated having them on hot, sticky days, but we haven’t found the portable fans to be very effective at anything other than blowing hot air at you.
  • Bring excellent walking shoes with lots of support and good socks. Expect to walk 5-15 miles a day. Ibuprofen is also not a bad idea!
  • Of course you won’t forget bathing suits, tooth brushes, toothpaste, and pajamas, but this is just a friendly reminder.
  • Bring reusable water bottles to easily refill while at the parks.
  • If you prefer bringing assorted gear, grab some carabiner clips to give yourself options.