Follow the enormous pink tower to get to Sunset Boulevard where you can ride 2 of the most thrilling rides in the (Disney) World. This is also where you’ll find the entrance to the stunning evening show, Fantasmic.

Who You’ll See

  • Beauty and the Beast in a 30-minute live musical stage show.

What You’ll Do

  • Plummet to your delight in the spooky Twilight Zone Tower or Terror where you’ll enter the once-glamorous grounds of a Hollywood hotel only to find cobweb-covered rooms and a story of vanishing guests after a bolt of lightening stuck in 1939. After entering an elevator clearly labeled “Out of Order” you’ll rise to the top and be dropped several times, experiencing both a momentary sense of weightlessness and inescapable laughter. The theming is so well done on this one, that it may be difficult to get more timid riders through the lobby doors.
  • Rock out on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, an indoor coaster that launches you from zero to 60 into L.A. traffic, loops, and corkscrew turns, set to a heart-pounding Aerosmith soundtrack. It’s as entertaining as it is thrilling.
  • End the evening with the dramatically staged Fantasmic, a pyrotechnics show on the water featuring classic Disney characters battling iconic Disney villains.

Treats You’ll Eat

  • Burgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, Tex Mex dishes and other quick lunch items at the Sunset Ranch Market, which features a variety of counter service options and ample outdoor seating.
  • Grab a cold beer at Sunshine Day Cafe or a frozen lemonade at Anaheim Produce.
  • Purchasing tickets to the Fantasmic Dessert party will grant you advance access to VIP seating, plus give you a sampler of snacks and treats to enjoy during the show.