While the onset of Disney dreaming might have begun in childhood, you should begin making actual plans up to a year in advance (or more) of your desired travel date. This is especially true if you want to travel during periods with high demand (like Christmas) or if you have a specific resort that you want to stay in (cheaper room options sell out quickly).

Ideally you want to have your daily park plan mapped out before you reach 180-days before your check in date. At 7am on that 180-day mark before you check in, you must know which parks you will be at on each day of your trip so you can make highly popular Disney dining reservations.

You need to know which parks you will be at on each day 60 days in advance (or 30 days if you’re not staying at a Disney resort) to make your FastPass+ reservations to skip lines of 30-180 minutes for the most popular attractions.

For those of you who have never heard of such craziness, we do not exaggerate. For others who disbelieved your friend’s exuberance about advance planning, they did not exaggerate. The best Disney vacation is a well planned vacation, and that means advance planning. But don’t worry — this is what MousePlanner was designed to do!

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