This Americana land of yesteryear serves as a main pathway between Cinderella’s castle and Frontierland, is where you board the Liberty Square Riverboat and has sporadic seating opportunities for viewing parades.
Who You’ll See
  • A live Muppets street show (performed by in-house puppeteers) humorously recounting Great Moments in American History from a very muppety point of view.
  • Meet Tiana and Naveen from The Princess and the Frog at the Liberty Square Bridge.
What You’ll Do
  • Cool down in the Hall of American Presidents, which isn’t a bad place for the little ones (and their parents) to catch a quick nap.
  • Ride a “Doom Buggy” through the Haunted Mansion on a charmingly morbid tour that features enduring special effects and the delightfully spooky soundtrack.
Treats You’ll Eat
  • Sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich or a Mickey waffle with strawberries and whipped cream at Sleepy Hollow
  • Lobster roll or fried shrimp platters at Columbia Harbour House
  • Giant smoked turkey leg and whole, fresh fruit at the Liberty Square Market