Disney is using its first-ever, virtual queue to help manage overwhelming demand for this incredible attraction. What’s Rise of the Resistance?

Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • There are no FastPasses for this experience
  • You cannot wait in line for it unless you join the virtual queue
  • You must use the Disney app to join a “boarding party” which will be allowed entry at an assigned time
  • The time you are assigned could be anytime before park close
  • Once you have joined a boarding party, you will be notified by text when you can return to the ride and join the actual line
  • You will have 2 hours to return and claim your spot

To Guarantee A Spot In The Virtual Queue

  • Get to the park at least an hour before its official opening time and join the line to enter the park when it opens
  • They will allow people entry before the official opening and you will be able to wait inside the park
  • This is critical because you must be inside the park (after scanning your MagicBand or park ticket) for the app to allow you to join a boarding party.
  • Everyone that you want to add to your boarding party (using the friends and family linking feature in the Disney app) MUST also be inside the park with you. You cannot send someone ahead to wait in line and secure a place in line for everyone in your party. Everyone must be present.
  • Have the app open and be ready to click that link to join a boarding party as soon as they announce that the park is open

And A Couple Tips For Good Measure —

  • Don’t bring a bag, if at all possible, because the bag check line becomes a bottleneck and will slow you down while others without bags will stream through the gates ahead of you
  • Don’t use the Disney WiFi network to connect because there are too many people doing the same thing and it narrows the bandwidth.

And yes, it’s totally worth it!