Arrival & Departure

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Guide Shortcuts

After you land at Orlando airport, you’ll make your way to the Magical Express Welcome Center to check in and be whisked away to your Disney Resort. Congratulations. Your vacation has begun!

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Getting to Your Resort

1. Take the shuttle from your gate to the main terminal.

2. Proceed to Disney’s Magical Express Welcome Center located on the B Side, Level One.

NOTE: Make sure that you are on SIDE B. You may think you are on the correct side but they look identical and it can be confusing. Take the escalator down one floor to Level One and follow the signs to Ground Transportation.

3. On Level One, follow the signs to the Disney’s Magical Express Welcome Center.

4. Have your MagicBands ready to scan for check in.

5. You will be directed to a line and then onto a motorcoach. It usually takes between 0-10 minutes to board.

6. Find a seat and enjoy the videos until you arrive at your resort. The ride may be between 30-45 minutes depending on how many resort stops are made before yours (they make up to 3 stops).

7. Guest room numbers will be texted to you once your room is ready. If you have already checked in online, you can skip the Front Desk and proceed to your room. If you have any questions or special requests visit the registration or concierge counters.

Luggage Delivery

Option 1: Take Advantage of Free Luggage Service (yes, please!)

You may proceed to the Disney’s Magical Express Welcome Center and Disney will collect your luggage. Luggage delivery to your resort room may take up to 4 hours to arrive after you have checked in at the resort. You do not need to be in your room to receive your luggage.

Option 2: Do It Yourself

You can pick up your luggage at baggage claim located on Level 2 and bring it with you on the motorcoach. Bell Services can provide assistance to your room upon check-in.

Bell Services can provide assistance to your room upon check-in. A tip is customary for their services.

The services they provide include assistance with:

  • Delivery and pick-up of your luggage upon your arrival and departure
  • Delivery of previously ordered grocery items to your Guest Room (and storage in a refrigerated area until you arrive)
  • Directions to your Guest Room
  • Luggage storage
  • Taxi service
  • Retrieving your parked vehicle from valet parking

Walt Disney World Departure

The day before you check-out, a Transportation Notice will be delivered to your room, with your motorcoach pick-up time and location.

Orlando airport security lines can be incredibly long, especially during popular travel times so resort pickup times are scheduled about 4 hours before flight departure. International flights are scheduled about 5 hours in advance.

  • Call Bell Services to have them collect your luggage. They will also take you to the main building if you’d like to hitch a ride.
  • You may check into your flight and check your luggage with official airline representatives at your resort.  Expect a line early in the morning, as this is a popular service. (tipping is customary)
  • If you still have some time to enjoy the parks before your scheduled pick-up time on the Magical Express, stow any carry on bags with Bell Services and you’re free to explore more magic.
  • Board the Magical Express at your scheduled time for the ride back to the Orlando airport.