The Simple Guide to Disney Planning

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The Disney Dining Experience

The world of Disney Dining is immense with over 300 dining experiences that range from delectable, one-of-a-kind, culinary experiences to “are you sure this isn’t an amusement park?”

Planning is key, as is, getting the jump on dining reservations — make sure you make your table service reservations, 180 days before checking in.

This means you’ll need to know which park is best for each day in terms of park hours, crowd levels, plans for the day, and your overall vacation wishlist, so you can make dining reservations for each day.

Mouseplanner helps optimize your vacation by choosing the best parks for each day based, in part, on Disney park schedules, which are normally only available 180 days in advance. Our itinerary planning tool provides schedule data 190 days in advance –which gives you 10 extra days after knowing your daily itinerary to plan dining and be ready to book it as soon as you hit the 7am EST, 180 days in advance.

An infographic displaying how many dining experiences are available at Disney World

Disney Dining Plans

Disney offers simple, flexible, pre-paid dining plans to resort guests that can offer freedom to enjoy everything on the menu and at substantial savings.

Each plan offers a combination of meal and snack credits that can be used at most dining establishments, plus a refillable mug that you can use at your resort.

You can order anything off the menu as part of your meal (usually includes entree, drink, and dessert) and use any, or all, of the credits whenever you want, for whomever you’d like.

When payment is due, you scan your MagicBand to apply your credits. Gratuity is additional. Table service meal credits cover the full price of any buffet. Some upscale and specialty dining experiences require 2 table service credits.

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  • Dining Plans must be purchased as part of the Magic Your Way package or as an addition to a Disney resort booking.
  • There are 3 categories of restaurants that take dining plan credits:

    • Counter Service – the Disney equivalent of fast food (use counter service credits)
    • Table Service – sit down restaurants often requiring reservations (use table service credits)
    • Signature Dining – upscale dining experiences (require 2 table service credits per meal). This includes dinner shows and Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Each meal credit (or entitlement) includes an entree, a drink, and dessert (for example). Deluxe dining credits also include an appetizer.

  • You can order nearly anything off the regular menu as part of your meal – including milkshakes and alcoholic beverages (for adults 21+)

  • You get all of your credits when you check in and you can use them whenever you’d like, for whomever you’d like, with no limit per meal or day. You can also split meals and conserve credits to stretch them out over the trip.

  • Quick Service Plan
    Credits per guest, per night of your resort stay:

    • 2 counter service credits
    • 2 snacks
    • 1 refillable mug for use at your resort
  • Disney Dining Plan
    Credits per guest, per night of your resort stay:

    • 1 table service credit
    • 1 quick service credit
    • 2 snacks
    • 1 refillable mug for use at your resort
  • Deluxe Disney Dining Plan
    Credits per guest, per night of your resort stay:

    • 3 meal credits, which also include an appetizer (table service or quick service)
    • 2 snacks
    • 1 refillable mug for use at your resorts
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