Here’s what you need to know:
  • If you work with a travel agent, only work with someone that specializes in Disney. These are not your regular travel agents. Often moms and dads themselves, their enthusiasm for all things Disney translates into vast stores of detailed information and wisdom coupled with a genuine desire to help make the experience magical for you. They can use their deep and enthusiastic reservoir of Disney knowledge to help you navigate options.
  • You will get the lowest rates available. There are often no fees or hidden costs to work with a Disney travel specialist. They earn a small commission on a vacation that you book through them, which helps pay for their time.
  • You CAN plan your own vacation. If you haven’t been to Disney World in the last few years, you’ll need some guidance. Begin with our Simple Guide to Disney Planning and build your MousePlan® with our itinerary planning tool. You can decide later if you want to work with a travel specialist or not.