There is something for every age at Walt Disney World so every age is the right age. Each trip offers something new and exciting for a variety of ages. While some worry that kids can be too young for a Disney trip because they won’t remember it — they might not realize how amazing it is for us parents to experience Disney through the eyes of a small child.

My son may not remember but my husband and I still cherish those memories of watching wonder and euphoria light up the face of our 2-year old, as he experienced Disney World for the first time.

Here’s the other thing — if they’re younger than 3, then they’re FREE. Free tickets, free dining plan. FREE.

Before they begin school, you have more flexibility with the timing of your trip and you can choose weeks that may be cooler, cheaper, and less crowded.

Plus, Disney World caters to kids more than any other place on earth, which simplifies routine parenting tasks (like finding kid-friendly food and monitoring noise levels when enjoying dining out). This is liberating for parents who want to parent less and play more! Of course, all children — and many parenting styles — are different and this must be taken into account when planning your trip.

Disney caters to every age from babies to seniors, and advance planning is going to help ensure that your vacation fits everyone’s needs and interests in terms and set the right pace so everyone enjoys their time while getting the most from their trip.